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    The Folsom Electro CBT torture board

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    As you all probably know I love electro play. Insertables, straps, gloves etc. Silent boxes that just wink a little red light and a number on the screen to let me know how much pain I’m inflicting all so effortlessly and my goodness do I enjoy doing that!

    The CBT torture board by Folsom powered by the Series 2 electro unit from E-Stim Systems
    This piece of kit has been out of stock forever, it seems, so imagine my delight when it becomes available. Promptly ordered from The USA

    My first session after it arrived is with my Mr G, loves electro CBT, has great pain threshold so I can really get stuck in with any new kit. Bits that will be zapped get a coating of lube to help the current flow evenly and with more intensity. Then I slip my flexi-sound down his cock via his urethral opening. Then the board gets put together and wired up to my series 2 box. The brilliant thing about the Folsom is it can have up to 6 electrodes. It had a Prince Albert clip in with its attachments.
    It can deliver electrics to every part of the male genitalia; the underside, the tip- the balls have their own section, and a sound can be held in place so I can cook him all over, inside and out. I love the holes at the top from which I can thread a cord round the neck and see how much he can take whilst walking around before his legs go!!

    I just love the different reactions from my subs when I use all my electro toys, and I get quite the high from it all. preparation..I get my box ready-one of four, I get the instrument of torture that carries the current attached. I turn the box on and watch with unconcealed delight as the current hits home, sub gasps, jolts. We’re off!

    Pain thresholds are all different, so 4 straps on 20% on ‘squeeze’ might not even register to another,that feels like his cock is about to explode, so notes are made in the famous ‘critter diary’ and next sub will ‘enjoy’ 3 straps, the electro sound on a pulse setting at 60%.

    My subs are valuable and much loved toys, an outlet for my sadistic cruel obsession with all that involves inflicting pain-the hows and the whys etc, and I’m fully aware that without them an their loyal service I am a very bored sadist with dust covered gadgets! Consequently their devotion allows me the financial freedom to purchase deviant wonderful, fun toys and outfits constantly, not to mention the rental of an entirely separate property in which to play with it all.

    Talking of outfits..£700 of Honour clothing will be landing at my house tomorrow!!

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