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    My favourite thing.

    “Fetish” call it what you will.

    I get to sit on my little ass, nice and comfy whilst the footslave tends to my tiny feet. Kissed, licked, toes sucked on. Massaged, pampered and generally worshipped.

    As I sit and watch his performance I’m able to observe the effect my perfect size 3’s have on him. Sometimes the cock is soft oftentimes it is obviously aroused. A handful of these spend their time at my feet in a state of near orgasm. Now these are fun to tease! My tiny foot just might find her way between his thighs, might brush against the top of the inner thigh. I move to get myself comfier this little foot just might lightly stroke his hardness. I watch the look on his face. There’s ecstacy and torment. He wants to enjoy so much that he spontaneously ejaculates, instead he has to grit teeth, control his feelings, keep his needs in check as it’s not about his desires..it’s about tending to my feet-that’s all!

    Eyes shut tight, a groan escapes his lips. He can’t move, he certainly cannot stop attending to my feet. The session goes on. His performance has been noted, points have been given (he hopes) I have always told the critters that “Points mean prizes in here!” They know what the prizes are, they’ve been programmed, lab rats, bless ’em. Their prize, be it Robojac, the Fleshlight or their own sweaty little wanking hand isn’t a given! It’s earned with blood, sweat and tears. Then I’ve no problem with with them offering the “puddle of gratitude” and if he’s a good little footworshipper the prize will blow his mind…

    “On your back, line your dick up with my foot. I’m not moving, obviously” Now my foot does a little work. Toes tickle balls, moves them around. My foot moves gently along his hardness..up and down, pressing the tip gently with my big toe. This sub can hold out for as long as 10 seconds. I need the camera steady to get a good shot for all to see, so I made him take himself in hand. I wanted all to see him shoot his pent-up load all over my feet. As you can see he delivered! delivered some fancy striped ¬†icing over the Tootsie. Nice and kinky. Licked or wiped..I don’t care, just clean them now!

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