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  • Jan

    Needs More Heat

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    I do enjoy applying multiple sensations to any particular part of a masochists anatomy..

    With my dainty toe presses on the “up” pedal, the chair slowly rises with a low, smooth hum. Up to perfect working height. All who sit here wait with nervous anticipation for the moment the chair brings its victim to me. This particular critter is always fun to work on with the help of a steady dose of chems administered via his gas mask attachment. His head is in a good place and his pain threshold is high. he is well restrained.

    After a time spent using electrics, straps and a sound for internal discomfort, i deliver a constant unpleasant current to start the mental wearing down. He has a long way to go for my pleasure, he knows he has to hang in there. Now I push him: Incredibly, my nettles are still wonderfully potent even in December, and they deliver with random hits of tortuous shocks. Pegs are applied to the balls, close together so I get plenty on. Then on go the metal toothed clips. These take the breath away, incredibly fierce, and they appear in many a blog. I take a moment to allow the first wave of agony to land. I crush a super hot chilli and allow the capsaicin to escape and slowly stroke his shaft and balls with it. Within seconds he begins to groan, rising to a wail that he’s trying to suppress through gritted teeth. A minute of hyperventilating..it’s getting hotter down there! He’s fully aware of whats being applied (I’d cheerfully pointed out all the goodies I’d got for him earlier) and the rising panic knowing how hot it’s going to get around his bits. Now for a nice thick smear of Deep Heat over the same area as the chilli. This is another product that at first feel like nothing more than, say, lube..cool, softly applied with my fingers. Nice? wait for it…The heat has met the chilli heat and sent it to a mind numbing level. Almost overwhelming.

    Only those I know and I know never use safe words would get this treatment. Safe words are useless now. I might stop, but the pain just builds. To send it that little higher I take the pegs and pull and tweak them. As the heat is at its max I gleefully remove them. The nerve endings come back to life, blood flow returns and everything is so, so sensitive. I know he can take no more, but I go ahead and tell him “it’s needle time!” and he folds.

    “Mercy, Mistress..Oh, God no, not the needles, I just can’t!!”

    I was never going to. One doesn’t break skin when its covered in so many potential contaminants.

    I do like to see the strong ones break.

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