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    Abuse of Privileges-The Consequence

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    Boots don’t clean themselves you know! Thankfully there’s always a willing slave who knows his place is on his knees, keeping his trap busy with the task of licking all kinds of unholy filth off mine. Dog leash fitted, you can see the excitement on his face like a little dog scampering about at walkies time. A good slap about the face calms him down, gets him focused and makes me feel better.

    After demonstrating his cocksucking skills on my big strap-on, he shows me how well he takes my now ‘wetted up’ cock in his ass. Quit the squealing, this isn’t Deliverance.

    Now he gets to clean Them. Despite having the privilege of being given such duties I come back from checking a couple of emails to find him having a sly wank over my favourite super shiny pvc ones. Now, not so shiny, more covered in a fine coating of disgusting critter..or maybe there’s been a snail race held on them? I think not!

    You want a wank that badly?? well, have one you little perv…go on..knock yourself out, or should that be knock one out. Into your nasty baggy old boxer shorts. Enjoy the walk back to the busy public car park in your light coloured trousers

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