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    A Testimony

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    Yesterday I entertained a critter that has visited before, although not on a regular basis. We had fun, (well I had fun, he had clamps, electrics, sticky things, etc) The session went well, he paid his complements on completion and left.

    This morning I received this incredible email, I am truly flattered, the contents of which is all I could wish for, that as a Professional Dominatrix my skill is appreciated, for it is a skill, learned over many years of experience and what I have to admit is a little  trial and error, because that is how we as humans progress, by making mistakes and learning by them.

    Dear Mistress Zena,
    After our session yesterday, I thought I would write down a few thoughts. I’d be very happy for you to publish these wherever you wish.
    There’s not a lot that I can say about my experience yesterday, other than that for this particular sub with his particular kinks, it closer to my perfect fantasy made reality than I ever thought would be possible. I am in an unusually upbeat mood today but not able to tell people exactly why.
    It’s self evident that you and what you do professionally both arose me enormously. So, I am open to accusations that it’s my cock talking but I find myself filled with simple, professional admiration and respect for you.
    I do a job that requires a good deal of dedication and hard work and I’m at a stage in life when it matters a lot to me when I meet people who do other jobs that demand the same and they do it very, very well. You do such a job unbelievably well. You stand out from your peers judging by my experience.
    I don’t believe it would be possible to do anything that well without a great deal of dedication and hard work and so I doff my hat to you for that. I hope that you find it suitably rewarding, both in terms of the experience and financially.
    Of course all of your critters will one day find themselves in their last days, if they haven’t already. When that time comes they will be able to smile as they think back on how their kinky itch was once perfectly and sublimely scratched thanks to you rather than “going in to that dark night” (Dylan Thomas) regretting that they never scratched it. I shall certainly be one.
    For me, that is no small contribution to humanity.
    Thank you again

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