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    Scrotal Inflation

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    scrotal_inflation scrotal_inflation1

    After a time of deliberation, and many requests for it as part of medical play, I’m able to add the fun, new service to my ‘enjoys’ list..  ‘Scrotal Inflation’. Many of my Medical/CBT masochists are surprised I don’t already. Reason being I just didn’t understand the workings of it. Didn’t have the equipment and hadn’t seen enough online footage of ‘how to’. (Thank goodness for Xtube for my now, well-known skilful administration of suturing and catheterization).

    So I researched the equipment needed, endlessly  watched a vid of a guy giving himself one then decided, as I do with all things weird and wonderfully kinky.. “I  can do that!”

    18g Needles purchased online, saline bought in my beloved Las Vegas Medical Supplies superstore! All that’s needed now is a fairly willing pair of balls to practice on…I soon ticked that box too!

    Time to film the deed!

    Now you kinksters know how much I enjoy pointing a camera at my critters as they suffer at my hands, in my quest to have a go at all sorts of surreal, perverted, experimentation and then sharing that moment with you.

    You’re welcome!

    Cock and balls are tied to prevent leakage into surrounding tissue, therefore spoiling a lovely, fat inflation. The flow tap is opened and we wait.. (this isn’t a quick procedure) amount is increased with experience in my opinion, and the session will work on that basis, but ‘small grapefruit’ is a nice look.

    Feelings from a subs side..

    A gradual feeling of fullness, ‘fair bit of pressure’ he says. Neither of which is unpleasant in the least. The balls become very sensitive as they swell. After 50 minutes they’re looking amazing. Needle out, seal the area with New Skin and he’s good to go.  Waddling home, less Buster Gonad, more John Wayne.

    Oh, and apparently masturbating with huge sloshy, saline-filled, pressurised nuts can, in many cases, feel incredible. Now I’m a Mistress that is relaxed about boys dreaming of their ‘show and tell’ moment, bless ’em. I’m more than happy to perv at my critters getting busy with their wanking hand in the name of research-

    Providing you have earned it!!

    Remember, your purpose in The Facility is to amuse and delight me with your suffering.

    All dispersed next day.. Rather like the Snapchat of procedures.

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