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    Boots don’t clean themselves you know! Thankfully there’s always a willing slave who knows his place is on his knees, keeping his trap busy with the task of licking all kinds of unholy filth off mine. Dog leash fitted, you can see the excitement on his face like a little dog scampering about at walkies time. A good slap about the face calms him down, gets him focused and makes me feel better.

    After demonstrating his cocksucking skills on my big strap-on, he shows me how well he takes my now ‘wetted up’ cock in his ass. Quit the squealing, this isn’t Deliverance.

    Now he gets to clean Them. Despite having the privilege of being given such duties I come back from checking a couple of emails to find him having a sly wank over my favourite super shiny pvc ones. Now, not so shiny, more covered in a fine coating of disgusting critter..or maybe there’s been a snail race held on them? I think not!

    You want a wank that badly?? well, have one you little perv…go on..knock yourself out, or should that be knock one out. Into your nasty baggy old boxer shorts. Enjoy the walk back to the busy public car park in your light coloured trousers

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    A Testimony

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    Yesterday I entertained a critter that has visited before, although not on a regular basis. We had fun, (well I had fun, he had clamps, electrics, sticky things, etc) The session went well, he paid his complements on completion and left.

    This morning I received this incredible email, I am truly flattered, the contents of which is all I could wish for, that as a Professional Dominatrix my skill is appreciated, for it is a skill, learned over many years of experience and what I have to admit is a little  trial and error, because that is how we as humans progress, by making mistakes and learning by them.

    Dear Mistress Zena,
    After our session yesterday, I thought I would write down a few thoughts. I’d be very happy for you to publish these wherever you wish.
    There’s not a lot that I can say about my experience yesterday, other than that for this particular sub with his particular kinks, it closer to my perfect fantasy made reality than I ever thought would be possible. I am in an unusually upbeat mood today but not able to tell people exactly why.
    It’s self evident that you and what you do professionally both arose me enormously. So, I am open to accusations that it’s my cock talking but I find myself filled with simple, professional admiration and respect for you.
    I do a job that requires a good deal of dedication and hard work and I’m at a stage in life when it matters a lot to me when I meet people who do other jobs that demand the same and they do it very, very well. You do such a job unbelievably well. You stand out from your peers judging by my experience.
    I don’t believe it would be possible to do anything that well without a great deal of dedication and hard work and so I doff my hat to you for that. I hope that you find it suitably rewarding, both in terms of the experience and financially.
    Of course all of your critters will one day find themselves in their last days, if they haven’t already. When that time comes they will be able to smile as they think back on how their kinky itch was once perfectly and sublimely scratched thanks to you rather than “going in to that dark night” (Dylan Thomas) regretting that they never scratched it. I shall certainly be one.
    For me, that is no small contribution to humanity.
    Thank you again

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    scrotal_inflation scrotal_inflation1

    After a time of deliberation, and many requests for it as part of medical play, I’m able to add the fun, new service to my ‘enjoys’ list..  ‘Scrotal Inflation’. Many of my Medical/CBT masochists are surprised I don’t already. Reason being I just didn’t understand the workings of it. Didn’t have the equipment and hadn’t seen enough online footage of ‘how to’. (Thank goodness for Xtube for my now, well-known skilful administration of suturing and catheterization).

    So I researched the equipment needed, endlessly  watched a vid of a guy giving himself one then decided, as I do with all things weird and wonderfully kinky.. “I  can do that!”

    18g Needles purchased online, saline bought in my beloved Las Vegas Medical Supplies superstore! All that’s needed now is a fairly willing pair of balls to practice on…I soon ticked that box too!

    Time to film the deed!

    Now you kinksters know how much I enjoy pointing a camera at my critters as they suffer at my hands, in my quest to have a go at all sorts of surreal, perverted, experimentation and then sharing that moment with you.

    You’re welcome!

    Cock and balls are tied to prevent leakage into surrounding tissue, therefore spoiling a lovely, fat inflation. The flow tap is opened and we wait.. (this isn’t a quick procedure) amount is increased with experience in my opinion, and the session will work on that basis, but ‘small grapefruit’ is a nice look.

    Feelings from a subs side..

    A gradual feeling of fullness, ‘fair bit of pressure’ he says. Neither of which is unpleasant in the least. The balls become very sensitive as they swell. After 50 minutes they’re looking amazing. Needle out, seal the area with New Skin and he’s good to go.  Waddling home, less Buster Gonad, more John Wayne.

    Oh, and apparently masturbating with huge sloshy, saline-filled, pressurised nuts can, in many cases, feel incredible. Now I’m a Mistress that is relaxed about boys dreaming of their ‘show and tell’ moment, bless ‘em. I’m more than happy to perv at my critters getting busy with their wanking hand in the name of research-

    Providing you have earned it!!

    Remember, your purpose in The Facility is to amuse and delight me with your suffering.

    All dispersed next day.. Rather like the Snapchat of procedures.

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    Once naked,  or dressed in clothes they have brought with them, I calmly invite them to lie on one of 3 pieces of furniture I use for B&SD. My trusty medical bed, the Belmont Chiropody chair or the Invertion Table. I may want them in the leather body-bag. A hood is placed slowly over the head-it may be a black spandex hood, leather or the ultra padded sen-dep hood with the tiny breather hole, depending on their ability to lie calmly in claustrophobic /restricted breath conditions. A sub can still enjoy being strapped down and immobile, unable to hear or see yet not want their breathing compromised. Happy to accommodate. He will be in this position for 1-3 hours, I don’t need to be wrestling with collars, neck restraints or the heavy duty hood once I’m working on his carcass. Vision must be totally restricted as must his ability to hear anything. I place large over-ear headphones and play the sound of rainfall via an i-pod on continuous loop. I begin the restraint process…

    Sometimes they are completely pinned to the bed purely with shrink wrap-yard and yards of it! Pulled tight even over his chest so that he exhales hard as I pull across and firmly down, over and over. Round the frame I go making a clingfilm coffin. This finishing touch is lost on its contents unless I show him a picture that he’s allowed me to take, but I just love to do it, I get a little carried away sometimes.

    If sub has given me more time to work on him I will use straps, bondage cuffs, mitts, leather ankle/foot restraints first.

    I undertake both processes slowly and very deliberately, knowing the increasing feeling of excitement for him. The heady mix of fear and anticipation of being slowly bound by the straps then encased..mummified by the wrap. He starts to breathe harder as these feelings increase, yet the wrap reminds him how immobile I have rendered him, which, in turn makes him attempt to breathe harder. The occasional brush of my hand against ever decreasing areas of his skin makes him gasp. I pause, to stop and admire my work in progress and to let his imagination begin to send him a little mad.

    Has she finished?    Is my request for Electro-CBT about to begin?    Please Mistress Zena, do something. The suspense is torture!!

    Yeah, I know

    I slowly trace my latex-clad finger along the length of his very hard cock.

    First touch he’s had from me in 20 minutes.

    Unsurprisingly he lets out a loud groan. I stifle my laughter-I don’t know why I stifle it either! Thought he was going to spontaneously shoot his load then. He’s writhing in ecstasy now. The feel of shrink wrap against his skin especially his erect penis is sending him to another place!

    Sometimes this is all that happens and I pull up a chair and look at a sub that wants to be left. He has no idea if I’ve gone home.

    Sometimes I get my toys out and deviant fun really begins. Imagine being in the above described position and suddenly your cock is taken in hand and gets cool, wet silky lube applied. Slowly. All over it. Really slowly. For longer than it really takes to put lube on a cock. My subs know all about this part of the journey

    Sounds, catheters, electro-stimulation, vibrating urethral insertables, the Hitachi all over the balls.

    Then the Corona stimulator, the Fleshlight or the Robojac to finally end his misery.


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    Here’s a really cool clip of one of my electro CBT attachments giving one of my subs a rather fun alternative reaction to the current running round his cock and over his bell-end. In the past this has been a session ender for him as, despite being turned up high and putting him in clear discomfort, it makes him spontaneously ejaculate. This session was paced nicely. E-pinwheel was applied generously, there is no enjoyable sensation in this, pure spiked pain. Then the live gloves which I used to poke, stroke and squeeze the balls and his shiny helmet. Again..just unexpected waves and jolts of pain. Now for the corona stimulator with 3 conductive bands. I know what the effect will be and I want it on film. He is programmed well. Enjoy watching the result of perfect ‘stimulation level’ of the E-box as much as I did in applying it!

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    The pain lover in this session is up for anything and I love getting busy taking him on a dizzying journey of multiple attachments, insertions and extreme sensations-all for my amusement.


    1: start with mark free torture. Attach conductive cable round his balls, 2 to the shaft of his cock and 1 lead fits to a flexible sound that’s inserted inside his urethral opening. All kept in place and upright with a gadget sold as a penis enlarger. Electrastim switched on ‘Caress’ setting. While he sizzles I enjoy some rather extreme breathplay that I have a penchant for..

    2: On goes the rubber hood. The one with no breather hole. There’s about 3 or 4 minutes of air for him. The bag looks great towards his ‘time-up..no air’

    He’s closely monitored a: safety b: looks great

    Current turned up!

    Suffocator off, electrics removed, needles at the ready.

    3: he likes to be able to take needle/suture play..I love to do it!

    Balls sewn shut. Needles pin the foreskin shut. I found a whopper in the box-(got it from a vets supply, used in horses by the size of it) so I slipped that through the base of his shaft.

    4: the big one was looking a bit redundant, shame to waste such a nice long, strong piece if surgical steel so I tethered each end some cotton lace and made myself a little penis marionette, jiggled it..pulled it..gave it a little twirl then lashed it to his collar on a short leash so that when he twitched or gave a shudder due to the pain of having his needled tweaked, it would remind him to focus on staying still as I work.


    I genuinely hope you enjoy my little montage as much as I enjoyed the session that supplied the pictures.

    Just sharing the journey I’m on lol

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