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    I’m very fortunate to have acquired a large collection of loyal males to entertain me over the last 8 years of being a Pro Domme in Nottingham. For them, for this is a two way street, they get to experience fetish practices that they have fantasised about and never been able to realise, until they serve me. They trust me and put themselves completely in my skilled hands. A period of time passes, they get to know what drives me. They find out to their great delight, they are in sadistic yet safe and pretty much fearless hands. I  am up for learning how to do, and am up for just about anything weird, wonderful, devious, unpleasant, cruel….you get the picture!

    Let’s take, for convenient example, slave K. The last few sessions have had a fun finale for me, practising  my suturing, which my medical/needle fans know, I whip the sewing kit out at the drop of surgical mask!  I’ve posted his ‘sex change/suture chastity on tumblr..I sew his balls tightly together to form a pussy, sew his cock to the pussy lips. Erections are agony if not impossible, urination is only achieved by sitting, civilised-like a laydee.

    We both need and enjoy exploring our Sadist/masochist sides. See how far I can go with what’s in my head (that could take a while) and see what he’s up for-this is a measure of his devotion and trust the sub has for his Mistress.


    What’s next for us?…

    A session or two ago he mentioned his readyness for something more permanent to prove his loyalty. I no longer have the tattoo machine but I have replaced it with something 100 times more excruciating  to endure, therefore more exciting for me and more of a physical and mental trial on his part. A small piece of DIY gadgetry that is beautifully brutal and merciless in its simplicity- my soldering iron. Switch it on, leave it to reach temperature-there is only one-the one that gets hot enough to melt the tin/lead composition that is  ‘solder’. I’ll stick with male flesh thanks.

    By the end of the session he’s in a good place. We’ve had a good time, plenty of banter. He’s made me laugh with his discomfort and suffering. However, he knows how todays session is going to end and is getting nicely nervous and is ready. Let’s put him out of his misery and into a world of pain!

    Face down, arms and feet secured, ready for his extreme test of mental endurance.

    The iron makes contact and immediately makes a loud crackle and hiss. A little cloud of smoke rises. The skin parts like butter being touched with a hot knife. It happens swiftly, so, to prevent a deep burn that could get infected and take forever to heal, I move the iron smoothly and steadily across his right ass cheek in the shape of a large letter ‘Z’, taking no notice of his agonised groans or the shuddering of his pain racked body. The sickly sweet smell of burning flesh is very strong as I finish. I briefly admire my work, waft the smoke away (after I’ve had a pervy sniff of it) and immediately irrigate the area and press a clean, wet cloth to it. His groans are now gasping recovery breaths with a hint of hyperventilation. He begins to calm down and enjoy the enormity of what he has just endured for the sake of his Mistresses’ sadistic needs.

    Next session, no doubt, he’ll get to enjoy me giving him *ENA

    Left cheek is crying out for ‘PROPERTY OF MISTRESS’


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