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    The pain lover in this session is up for anything and I love getting busy taking him on a dizzying journey of multiple attachments, insertions and extreme sensations-all for my amusement.


    1: start with mark free torture. Attach conductive cable round his balls, 2 to the shaft of his cock and 1 lead fits to a flexible sound that’s inserted inside his urethral opening. All kept in place and upright with a gadget sold as a penis enlarger. Electrastim switched on ‘Caress’ setting. While he sizzles I enjoy some rather extreme breathplay that I have a penchant for..

    2: On goes the rubber hood. The one with no breather hole. There’s about 3 or 4 minutes of air for him. The bag looks great towards his ‘time-up..no air’

    He’s closely monitored a: safety b: looks great

    Current turned up!

    Suffocator off, electrics removed, needles at the ready.

    3: he likes to be able to take needle/suture play..I love to do it!

    Balls sewn shut. Needles pin the foreskin shut. I found a whopper in the box-(got it from a vets supply, used in horses by the size of it) so I slipped that through the base of his shaft.

    4: the big one was looking a bit redundant, shame to waste such a nice long, strong piece if surgical steel so I tethered each end some cotton lace and made myself a little penis marionette, jiggled it..pulled it..gave it a little twirl then lashed it to his collar on a short leash so that when he twitched or gave a shudder due to the pain of having his needled tweaked, it would remind him to focus on staying still as I work.


    I genuinely hope you enjoy my little montage as much as I enjoyed the session that supplied the pictures.

    Just sharing the journey I’m on lol

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