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Subgirl Plaything part 2

Well the electric pinwheel around her pussy seems to have made her all wet. So better take the opportunity to slip some cold hard steel in her, oh and it's electric as well.

She seems to like that, lets make her like it even more by tickling her clit with my magic wand.

Slavegirl is writhing about with pure pleasure, but I haven't given her permission to cum , no no no, I will tell you when, until then take it.


Subgirl Plaything part 1

I have a new toy, new flesh, new piece of meat. This is subgirl X, you will be seeing a lot more of her. Just aquired her as my resident plaything. Lets put her through her paces shall we. Start off with a little nipple torture, then onto the electric pinwheel.

She seems to like this, well my, my, my, isn't that dandy.



Trample board and FF stockings

I enjoy teasing my slave using my tiny size 3 feet clad in fully fashioned stockings. Always find the best way to do this is by using the trample board, that way I can keep my balance while applying copious amounts of my weight to his cock.


Slave gets the trample board with high heels.

If it's one thing I love doing, it's trampling pathetic little cocks. And the best way of doing this is through the use of the trample board.

Today I am doing a prolonged session, first off I am doing it with my high heels on, pointy heels, solid soles, and very sharp toes, what could possibly be better.


Perving slave gets taught a lesson Part 2

Now we are into the swing of things. On your back, legs in the air, and get ready for 8 inches of Mistress cock!!



Perving slave gets taught a lesson Part 1

I was having a nice afternoon nap, content in the thought that my house slave was tied up in the dungeon. When I am awoken by the sight of him standing over me, cock in hand, perving over my body.

Well, there is only one thing for it, I had by chance just bought the longest dildo I have owned and needed someone to try it out on, and guess whom that might just be!!


Playing with my Subgirl

Having subgirl Paradise around for the afternoon to play with is always one of the highlights of what can be a stressful week. she soothes me as I am allowed to let my imagination run wild and she takes it all with pleasure.

This afternoon I have rigged up a devilish contraption to keep her pussy lips open so I can feed her hungry quim with my favorite electrical toys, oh and lets not forget using the Tower of Pain on her very large nipples.


Ball busting Slave

This is Slave Ian, he likes me to kick his knackers really hard with my tiny bare feet. So I oblige, except that I can kick harder than he thinks I can.

The result was almost a trip to A&E where he would have had to explain the imprint of size 3 toes on his nut sack.


Orgasm Denial, Sensory Deprivation

Subby gets treated to having his head messed with. He thinks he is getting some of Mistresses pussy but when I slip on the headphones, pump his ears with white noise, and turn him upside down he hasn't a clue what is coming. I tease him by stroking his body with my large tits, then get my strap-on full in his mouth. I lube up my fake pussy and tell him he is about to be mounted by me. I stroke it up and down, stopping when he seems to want to cum, then start him all over again. This lasts for about 10 minutes of stop start pumping before I tire of him and let him spunk into what he thinks is me. Before unmasking him I strip off completely and tell him that he is the best fuck his mistress has ever had. He goes home content, never really knowing that I never got near him.



Tower of Pain and needle play.

Today's lesson for my new sub is how to endure the tower of pain and needles, specifically through the nipples, ouch!!

Due to impending new legislation you will find that the previews are a lot tamer than used to be, but the content inside my members site is still as strong as ever


Domestic sub punishment

My good friend The Hunteress invited me around to test out some new whips, oh and see how her new domestic slave was getting on. We managed to combine the 2 because the second wasn't at all up to standard.

An obliging ass and 2 sadistic Mistresses is always a good combination don't you think?


Abusing my sub girls ass!

My sub girl Kitten in gas mask and laid face down onto the whipping bench to take more fucking by a variety of dildos attached to my harness. She was still dripping cum out of her ass from the previous film which made for a very horny shoot, my strap-on covered in slave boys spunk, slipping in and out of her ass, classic stuff from the Mistress Zena Production company if I do say so myself.


Rubber Shining Compilation

Just some self indulgent films of me having my rubber shined up by rubber slave, and one of me enjoying the vacbed.


Scrotal Infusion.

One of my loyal critters has long had the urge to try inflating his scrotum full of saline to see what it felt like. Well you know me, anything to oblige, as long as it looks painful.

So on my last trip to Vegas I procured some saline, IV tubes, and all the other paraphernalia needed to do the job, and after doing my training via You tube, all was set up.

2 bags of saline, 2 IV drips and some nice thick 18 gauge needles to administer the liquid and away we went. It didn't take more than about 15 minutes to get his nut bag looking like a small watermelon, success. He said that the feeling was in his words "awesome Mistress". Another satisfied customer.


Domestic Milking

I need to keep hubby in check, he's a randy fucker and if he had his way he would be spilling his seed every day. That's why I keep him in chastity and once a month I take off his device and milk him, don't want him getting too frustrated now do I.

I like to have him in this possition because I can get to his ass as well, poking my vibrating prostate massager up his jacksy usually helps the process.

But me being the bitch I am I like to fuck with his head, bringing him to the brink of orgasm only to stop at the last moment and let the feeling subside, I think my record for this is 8 times, by the end he was crying like a baby.


Holiday Extra Updates

Phlebotomy: Practicing on my critter.

Squeeze to Breath: Cunning device, you must keep squeezing the bag if you want to keep breathing. That's without me trying to distract you.

Hands Free Orgasm: The corona electro stimulation device placed strategically on the head of the penis, combined with electro straps, never fails to make critter make a spunky mess.



Heavy Bondage

When I get restless I get sadistic, and luckily my rubber slave is up for anything. So I feel like bondage, heavy bondage with lots of belts, cable ties and cling film.

To top it off I pop on his gas mask and administer some of my own special medicine, he's going to need it for what I have planned for him next.


Sadistic nurse part 5.

My patient has been so good that I am going to let him enjoy my robojac without the ruined orgasm. Just a relaxing pumping of the machine, sucking his cock into a big gorged organ that will be ready to release lots and lots of hot spunk.

sadistic nurse

Sadistic Nurse part 4

So, we have a plank of wood, some 2 inch nails, a hammer, a slave using the "squeeze to breath" device, and a scrotum.

Oh, and a very sadistic nurse.

You can probably guess where this is heading.


Sadistic Nurse part 3

Now I'm really getting turned on here. So many things to play with and a corpse to try them out on. Gets a girls juices flowing, if you know what I mean!

Lets try him out on a bit of suturing to go along with the needles. I always wanted to turn a man into a girl, complete with pussy and clit. See how he manages to cope with having to sit down to have a pee.

Looks like a workman has left his soldering iron, oh dear, not a good sign for my plaything. I have always been told that the most effective way to close a wound is with heat. Not sure if this is what they mean but lets give it a go anyway.


Sadistic Nurse part 2

Well this is going swimmingly. Lets fry his cock from the inside. I love using electrics, kinda makes me tingle all over. Thick sound down ones japs eye, up with the volts, lets see how well this critter takes the current.

Hmm, he seems to be more resilient than I first thought, lets try sticking needles into his cock, that usually makes them squirm, not so much the pain but having to watch each one slip into their ball sack usually makes them feel a bit faint.


Sadistic Nurse part 1

I got me a live plaything. Silly man thinks he has come to see his doctor because he is feeling unwell, mind he won't feel on top of the world when I finish with him.

First I have to secure him down so he won't struggle, then it's on with the power, up with the volts, and eyes down for an hour of experimentation. Finding someone's pain threshold is something that I specialize in.


Abusing my slut!

Arse fucking, my favorite thing to do, and this poor sorry soul feels the sharp end of my cock in more positions than he cares to imagine.



Rubber slave foot and leg worship.

It's hard work being on my feet all day in heels, so after a long session I love nothing better than to get my trusted rubber slave to tend to my feet. He holds and caresses them as if they were little delicate babies, so gentle and adoring, just as they were intended to be treated.



My rubber sub and I spit roast critter

I called my rubber slave around this afternoon because on of my clients wanted fucking from both ends. Well here is the impromptu film we made of the session.

Hope you enjoy



Pussy claims another victim

Pussy loves critters, and they love her, or so it would seem. Whenever I get her out and let my subs slide into her they shoot, and boy do they let rip.

My rubber sub found this out to his delight, then to his pain, you see there is never one without the other in my Facility. It's a trade off, you get the pain while I get the pleasure.




One of my favorite subs came over from the U.S. to get his fill of my hands up his arse, so who am I to deny him.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey I always say. A little time taken to warm the subject up brings great rewards, like my fist up his bottom up to my elbow!!

He seemed to like it!



3 Critter Carnage final part

Breathplay, the most trusting of disciplines for the sub. He has to have complete confidence in his Mistress, confidence that she will take him to the edge but return him unharmed. Now combine this with giving sub something else to distract him, like needles through his bell end. Now we have the ultimate thrill, slave having to concentrate on breathing slowly as to not run out of air, combined with the excruciating pain of the needles.



3 Critter Carnage part 5

Ballbusting, ahh just the sound of it sends shivers of delight down my spine. I love the way the critter drops to the ground after a good kick, one that hits the sweet spot just right. I can feel his sweat on my shoes, the anticipation in his eyes, the quickening of breath, just waiting for the kick, the intense pain that will engolf his whole body.



3 Critter Carnage part 4

Lots and lots of fun in this film. We have a bit of whipping, a some of needle play, and probably my favorite sport of all, breathplay. I just love the power of BP, and the trust that the critter has to instill in me is all consuming. It's the final journey a sub has to become fully mine.



3 Critter Carnage part 3

Now that the electro sound has cooked the inside of his sorry cock it's time for the fun stuff. The duel electro pinwheel is called for. This not only sends volts of electricity through the end but has the added effect of stabbing whatever it comes into contact with as well, ah bliss.
After having some fun hearing the yelps of my critter I move onto what is probably my favorite piece of electro toy, my pair of live gloves. No introduction needed, just watch, you'll get the idea.



3 Critter Carnage part 2

Nipple torture, whipping, caning, CBT, and a lot of electro sound torture, all in an afternoons fun around my gaff. My playthings keep me happy, and a happy Mistress is a contented Mistress. So just you remember that!



3 Critter Carnage part 1

Ever get bored with day to day life? I don't, not when I can send out a tweet for some critters to keep me company and sate my urge for giving pain. This fine sunny Saturday finds 3 such specimens tied up in my dungeon waiting and willing to be my play things. First I deal with my whipping boy, but find to my horror that he is not a fan of nipple torture, oh bliss. I am just getting to grips with the joys of the single tail and need some feedback, so who better than fetish freak.



Electric Anal Experiments

I love playing with new toys, either human or material. When I get to combine the 2 together sparks usually fly, so I have to secure the human element of it to the bed to stop the wriggling. This critter loves his anal high, so I thought I would try out some of my new electro gadgets on him to get his reaction. Ohhhh, did they get a reaction!!



Fun with my Folsom

I make no apologies for adding another film of my lovely Folsom Electro Torture Board in action. This little device has become my new BFF. I love the intricacy of it, the size, the contacts, the leads, the pain! There are so many permutations that can be derived, with 6 different contact points I can attack all of the critters cock and ball sensors at the same time, or build up shocking each of his bits until it reaches a crescendo.


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